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Mission: To provide our customers reliable, safe, and efficient services in a courteous and timely manner at a competitive cost.

VEC History:

VEC has been serving its members/owners since 1935. Click here to learn more about the formation and the operations of your electric cooperative.

VEC Board of Directors:

VEC is an electric cooperative that provides the opportunity for our members to serve on the Cooperative’s governing board.  There are 12 board members who serve rotating terms to represent the various portions of the VEC service area.  Each year three of these districts hold elections for those who are interested in representing their area on the VEC Board of Directors.  Any VEC member who meets the qualifications of the VEC Bylaws as an eligible candidate is eligible to run for the Board.  The VEC Bylaws can be accessed here.

Candidate Qualification

Each year a schedule is set by the VEC Board of Directors in conjunction with the timeline contained in the VEC Bylaws.  A Notice of Election is published in Powerlines, the Cooperative newsletter, around mid-April of each year.  Interested candidates can pick up election packets from the VEC Corporate Office, normally in late May of each year.  These packets detail the process for qualifying as a VEC Board candidate.  These qualifications include providing information and petitions with the signatures of at least 50 Cooperative members.  The deadline for this material to be submitted is typically early June.

Director Election

A Credentials Committee, consisting of appointed members of the VEC Board of Directors, will review all submitted election materials and validate the eligibility of each potential candidate.  Biographical information is published in Powerlines and is also included in the ballots.  Ballots are typically mailed in late August and must be received by mid-September. Ballots are mailed directly to the address on file for each member that is eligible to vote in the Cooperative district in which there is a contested election.  Completed ballots are mailed back directly to an independent auditor who records and counts the votes and validates the ballots.  In the case of an uncontested election, no ballots are mailed.  There are no at-large Director positions; candidates are elected by the membership within their respective districts.

VEC Board of Directors


Tools of the Trade

VEC’s 32-page Tools of the Trade magazine features photos, graphs, maps, and easy-to-read explanations about the tools, equipment, and personnel VEC employs to bring electricity to you.

2015 Annual Report

Financial statements and highlights of the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year. 2014-2015 Annual Report

VEC Bylaws

VEC Operates on a set of principles designed to ensure democratic control and fiscal responsibility. Click here to view the full text of VEC’s Bylaws.

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Powerlines Newsletter for VEC Members/Owners
Statement of Nondiscrimination