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New Service Information

To sign up for new electric service with Volunteer Energy Cooperative prospective members will need to fill out and sign the cooperative’s Application for Membership and Required Additional Information forms. Prospective members will also need to produce identification that satisfies federal “Red Flag” guidelines.

Prospective members are encouraged to print the Application for Membership and Required Additional Information forms as well as review the identification requirements linked below before applying for service at their local VEC Customer Service Center.

A security deposit may be required. Please see the link below for additional information.

Application for Membership and Electric Service

Required Additional Information Form

Identification Requirements

VEC Security Deposit Information

VEC Customer Service Center Locations

Application for Outdoor Lighting

Service Fees and Charges

When you sign up for new service you may also want to consider signing up for VEC’s Automatic Bank Draft program. You’ll never have worry about writing a check or coming into the office to pay your bill. For more information, use the link below.

Automatic Bank Draft Information

Automatic Bank Draft Form

New Service Specifications

VEC wants to assist you with ensuring your new service is properly  installed and safe. Therefore, we require each new service to adhere to  certain quality standards.

Below are the VEC specifications  for some of the most commonly-used new services. Because each  installation of electric service is somewhat unique, we can work with  you on your specific situation. Contact your local VEC service center  if you have specific questions or a unique situation.

VEC New Service Specifications

Temporary Service Meter Pole Installation

Mobile Home Meter Pole Installation 

Underground Service with Overhead Transformer Installation

Underground Service with Underground Transformer Installation 

Underground Service with Underground Transformer & Concrete Pad Installation

Additional Trench Detail

Mobile Home Permanent underground assembly

Mobile Home Permanent Underground Meter Assembly type 2

RV Permanent Underground Meter Assembly