Surge Guard

The typical American home contains many thousands of dollars worth of electronics and devices. In the spring of 2013 VEC introduced a new surge protection program for member-owners.

Surges in electricity can happen at any time, but they are more prevalent during stormy weather. Lightning strikes, animals, and tree limbs falling on electric lines are the most common causes. They can cause sudden, powerful increases in voltage. They may last only a millisecond, but they can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment,

The first line of defense in VEC’s Surge Guard protection system is a Meter Socket Adapter (MSA). The MSA is installed between the electric meter and the electric meter base. It protects the service line entering the home from major high-voltage spikes coming from the power line. VEC installs an MSA for all Surge Guard. There is a $25 installation fee. That fee is waived for customers who were enrolled in the previous program.

Plug-in suppressors supply the second line of defense. These come in a variety of sizes and configurations. The contain plugs and ports for plugging in a variety of appliances and electronic equipment. Plug-in suppressors are available with ports for power outlets, coaxial connections, and telephone connections.

Surge Guard Products

VEC’s Surge Guard customers receive a free 8-outlet plug in suppressor when they enroll in the Surge Guard program.

Additional plug-in devices are available at VEC customers receive a discount, so call VEC to get your discount code.

Grounding Inspection

The final line of defense is having your home properly grounded. When VEC technicians install Surge Guard equipment, they perform a visual inspection to make sure the home is properly grounded. The purpose of grounding the home is to prevent shocks, fires, damage to appliances and electronic equipment, and to minimize damage from lightning.

When all three of these lines of defense are in place, one more line of defense is automatically installed. That defense is the warranties that will repair or replace your appliances and/or electronic equipment. The warranties vary depending on which Surge Guard products are in place, so check with a customer service representative at your local VEC customer service center for all the details.

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