2021 Annual Meeting Held Virtually

Due to rising Covid cases, VEC has decided to hold a virtual annual meeting this year. We always look forward to seeing our members in person, but we also know safety and health are most important.
We held a virtual annual meeting in 2020 and were very pleased with the product. Through the virtual meetings, members are still able to receive updates about the progress of the cooperative, hear from the board members and CEO, enter to win door prizes, etc.
Filming is scheduled to take place on October 27th, but the video will not be available for viewing until November (date to be determined). You will still need to register in order to enter the drawing for door prizes. Registration will be online when the video is publicized.
Also, the monthly Powerlines are printed a few months in advance, so disregard any information you see in the Powerlines about the annual meeting. Thank you for your cooperation, and we can’t wait for this year’s annual meeting.