The Easy Way to Pay …

With our bank draft program, you  don’t have to worry about writing a check and sending your payment to  us each month. If you’re going on a vacation, business trip or if  you’re traveling for any other reason, there’s no need to worry about  your power bill.

Our convenient Bank Draft Program can  automatically draft your payment from your checking account or your credit card account. You save  time, worry, and the cost of stamps and checks.

Customers with  accounts in good standing are eligible. Each month you will continue to  receive your bill. However, your bill will be marked “Paid by Bank  Draft”. When you see this message on your bill, you no longer need to  write a check or mail a payment – it will be taken care of  automatically!

The amount will be drafted from your account approximately two days before the actual due date.

Joining the program is easy. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Print and fill out the Bankdraft Authorization Form.
  2. Return the form, along with a voided check (for checking account drafts), to your service center or mail it to:
    Volunteer Energy Cooperative Attention: Accounting Dept. P.O. Box 277 Decatur, TN 37322
Bankdraft Authorization Form
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