Corporate Contact



18359 Highway 58 North
Decatur, TN 37322


Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Eastern

Phone: 423-334-1020

Executive Office

Dion Cooper, President/CEO
Phone: 423-334-7001
Fax: 423-334-7002
Tracey Allen, Executive Assistant
Phone: 423-334-7001
Fax: 423-334-7002

Human Resources

Tonya Irwin, Director of Human Resources
Phone: 423-334-7008
Fax: 423-334-7102
Angie Dawson, Department Assistant
Phone: 423-334-7012
Resumes and applications can be emailed to

Accounting and Finance

Mark Verstynen, Vice President
Phone: 423-334-7010
Fax: 423-334-7004

Information Technology 

Karen Davis, Vice President
Phone: 423-334-7080
Fax: 423-334-7004

Marketing and Economic Development

David Murphy, Vice President

Phone: 423-334-7050

Shelly Miller, Department Assistant
Phone: 423-334-7051

Fax: 423-334-7007


Jason Dye, Vice President

Phone: 423-334-7030

Melanie Cannon, Department Assistant
Phone: 423-334-7031
Fax: 423-334-7005

System Planning and Engineering

Matthew Teague, Vice President

Phone: 423-334-7040

Tina Lawson, Department Assistant
Phone: 423-334-7041
Fax: 423-334-7005