Planned & Current Outages

Planned Outages

Planned Power Outage for Fairfield Glade and the Hebbertsburg Area

Volunteer Energy Cooperative will have a planned power outage that will effect most of Fairfield Glade and all of the Hebbertsburg area.  This outage will occur on Friday, August 11th beginning at 11:00 pm and last approximately 6 hours.  Power should be restored on or before 5:00 am, August 12th.   The purpose for this outage is to make the final connections on the new 161kv line that feeds the Fairfield Glade substation on Peavine Road.  The work will be performed at the junction of Snead and Peavine, next to Robinhood Park and at the junction of Peavine and Peavine Firetower Rd.  This work cannot be performed with the lines energized.  Please note that this power outage is identical to the previous outage in May of this year.   Therefore, if the power was not off at a residence previously, it will not be off during this operation.