EnergyRight Residential Services

Energy Right Residential Services is a Program developed through a partnership between Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and local power companies, including VEC. Energy Right Residential Services provides homeowners with simple ways to make existing homes as energy-efficient as possible.

There are multiple programs for customers to participate in and you can find them on the Energy Right website:


  1. Register your home to get started – Don’t know exactly how to make your home more energy efficient? Request an Evaluation – Our professional energy advisors will give you a list of recommended improvements.  Then, select a contractor off our list to make your energy improvements.  (registration does not commit you to participate in the program.)
  2. Get some help with your energy projects – Get started right away! Simply select a TVA Quality Contractor Network (QCN) Member from our list below, and begin making your energy efficiency improvements.
  3. Energy Workshops for adults and kids – Energy Monsters can help children learn energy-saving habits that will help them learn how to save money for years to come. Adults can save energy and money by attending a FREE Virtual workshop and learn tips and tricks to increase energy efficiency in their home.
  4. Lower energy costs with home project guidance – Discover money-saving tips for a happier home and get advice designed to help you start making progress.
  5. Don’t have time for the in-home visits you can complete a DIY Home Energy Assessment – Get a FREE Energy Savings Kit and $10 Home Depot Gift Card.

To register for the program, click here or call (1-855-237-2673).

To learn more about the program, click here or call Kristy Kelly at 423-334-7055.


Qualified Contractor List

Quality Contractor Network List
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