2021 Pole Inspections

Crews from our contractor, Power Pole Maintenance Company, will be in the Crossville area performing power pole inspections beginning on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Crews will consist of 2 to 6 members in pickup trucks and possibly ATV four wheelers. These inspections will allow us to identify poles that may need replacement as we continually work to make system improvements. It will not be necessary for anyone to be home when these crews arrive, and your power will not be affected by these inspections. Thank you for your cooperation.


We will be inspecting approximately 3,450 poles on the following circuits in the order shown:

  1. Campbell Junction 234 – 600 poles
  2. Fredonia 314 – 300 poles
  3. Fredonia 324 – 325 poles
  4. Fredonia 334 – 1400 poles
  5. Crab Orchard 214 – 825 poles

*We will not be inspecting the poles along Hwy 127 out of the Fredonia sub due to the road widening.