Get your Annual Report and 2016 Calendar

This year, our annual report celebrates 2015 as the 80th year of operation for Volunteer Energy. It contains stories and photos from the history of VEC, from its beginning in 1935 until today. A note from our CEO Rody Blevins “As I look over the year, I remember vividly the ice storms of February 2015 that paralyzed several of the areas we serve. I admire the hard work that it took to get power restored after about one-third of our service area was hit with ice, snow, and cold temperatures during this devastating weather event. During this time of reflection, I also see the progress we have made toward our Vision 2020 plan. Substation upgrades, fiber optic expansion, and enhancement of communications tools were a highlight of the year. ” You can read more about it by picking up your copy of the annual report and a 2016 calendar at your local office.