Make a (Safe) Splash This Summer

Your backyard pool is probably a favorite gathering place for your family and neighbors—especially the children.

And you have, of course, taught the kids that water and electricity don’t mix.

Follow your own advice and inspect your yard and patio for electrical hazards before the pool party begins.

  • Remove electrical cords that run over or alongside the pool. No matter how fancy decorative lights look when strung over the pool, they’re not worth the damage they could cause if a cord falls into the water.
  • String lights elsewhere—at least 3 feet away from the pool, hot tub or other water source.
  • The same goes for your barbecue grill. Whether it’s electric or propane, keep it a safe distance away from the pool.
  • Avoid putting lights or electrical cords in the path of swimmers getting out of the pool. They’re too wet to come into contact with electricity.
  • Have a licensed electrician replace all your outdoor electrical outlets with GFCI outlets to protect both people and appliances.