Phone Scammers Hit Crossville

The scammers are at it again. 

Volunteer Energy Cooperative has received reports from businesses that are receiving calls from scammers claiming to be from the VEC collections department. The businesses are told that their power will be disconnected if they do not pay immediately by purchasing a cash card. THIS IS A SCAM.

VEC does NOT make these types of collections calls. Customers should be advised to call law enforcement immediately.

Phone calls are made each month from a vendor in Florida (Oppenheim Research) to collect customer satisfaction survey information for Volunteer Energy. This is valuable information that we collect and analyze on a continuing basis. We have done this for several years.

“This survey is a valuable tool for VEC,” said VEC Vice President of Marketing and Economic Development David Murphy. “However, if customers are uncomfortable answering questions of this type, they can certainly opt out of the survey. The key item to remember is that legitimate survey calls DO NOT ask for money, payment, or specific personal information.”