Phone Scammers Using New Techniques in Crossville and Across the Plateau

In the last month, several of our members have received phone call demanding payment.  There have been two primary types:

  1. One set of scammers calls posing as TVA billing. They demand payment immediately or threaten disconnection. TVA does not have the authority to disconnect our customers and they will not call and threaten to do so. If they are planning a power outage VEC will notify you (not TVA). One of the phone numbers used in this scam is 1-888-284-3326.
  2. Crossville residents are also receiving phone calls from 1-800-739-6564 and a caller identifying herself as Beverly Johnson. She is reporting to be from VEC and threatening disconnection if payment is not made immediately via credit card.  THIS is NOT a VEC representative. This phone number, when called, directs you to a call center trying to sell cruises and vacations.

DO NOT give them any of your information and report it to the police. If you have given information out already, please make a police report and call your credit card company.

Please be aware of these and other schemes. Call VEC when in doubt.