Right-of-Way Spraying Helps Reduce Outages

ROW Spray Crew 009Volunteer Energy Cooperative’s right-of-way (ROW) spraying program is scheduled from mid-June and will run through September, according to Steve Scott, VEC’s vegetation control specialist.

Scott said the spraying is necessary to help prevent extended power outages caused by falling trees and to assist with quick power restorations by improving access for service crews.

“We spray when growth is most active,” Scott said. “We only use EPA-approved herbicides that are rated the safest and we use them in low concentrations.”

Scott said the herbicides work on woody growth without affecting flowers and grass. The herbicides VEC will be using have been tested and deemed harmless to humans and animals. Copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets for each herbicide are available at VEC customer service centers.

Scott said the technique used is selective, low volume and low concentration, backpack spraying to prevent drift.

Organic growers with questions in the Cleveland and Decatur service districts should contact Steve Scott at 423-334-7034. Organic growers in the Crossville service district should contact Brad Rhea 931-484-3527 ext. 7234.

 2016 R.O.W. Summer Spraying Schedule

Benton Service Area

Benton Springs Rd, Welcome Valley Road, York Road, Grove Rd, Quarry Rd, Oak Grove Rd, Parker Rd, Hwy 411, Rock Drive, Baily Rd, Parksville Rd.

Cleveland Service Area

Eads Bluff Road, Van Davis Road, Lower River Road, Hopewell, No Pone Road,

Mt Zion, Rabbit Valley, Harrison Pike, White Oak Valley Road, Sugar Creek, Sanford, Walker Valley, Hwy 163, Bowater Rd, Piney Grove Rd, Hwy 11, Claxton, Charleston, Upper River Rd, Riverbend, Deer Ridge, Union Grove, Council Rd, McAlister Rd, Baker Bridge Rd, Chatata Valley, Lee Hwy, Walker Valley, Bellefonte, Old Charleston Rd, Dry Valley, Tasso, Hickory Hills, Tasso Lane, Cates Lane, Julian Rd.

Crossville Service Area

Blaylock Rd, Valley View, Grapevine Rd, Ridge Rd, Mountain Creek Rd, Big Springs Gap, Smith Cemetery Rd, Bell View Rd, Otis Davis Rd, Christian Rd, Brewer Rd, Milo Webb Rd, Mutts Rd, Turkey Blind, Leffel Webb Rd, Vandever Rd, Will Wyatt Ln, Skyline Drive, Thomas Cemetery Rd

Decatur Service Area

Armstrong Ferry Road, Big Springs, Cottonport Road, Holly Glen, Hwy 58 South, Plank Road, No Pone Valley Road, Lamontville Road, Shiloh Road, Sneed Road, Hwy 30 East, Clearwater, Tranquility, Idlewild, Layman Road, Rocky Mount Road, Rodgers Creek, Sergeant town, Spring Creek

Jamestown Service Area

From hwy 85 north up hwy 127, Burkes Loop, Sweat Rd, Old Grimsley Rd, Banner Roslin Rd, Virgil Beaty Rd, Jonesville Rd, Brodio Rd, Bill Black Rd, Banner Springs Rd, Press Beaty Rd, Old Sunbright Rd, Stephens Loop, Goney Rd, Leo Norris Rd, Fred Young Rd