TVA’s Fuel Cost Adjustment increases by 19.54% in July

Following a yearlong downward trend, TVA’s July fuel cost adjustment (FCA) jumped 19.54% from June. VEC members will begin to feel that increase with bills received after July 11th.  This increase combined with the normal increase in usage due to higher temperatures could result in bills exceeding expectations. One way VEC members can be proactive is to follow easy energy efficiency techniques:

  • Turn off lights, T.V., computers, and game consoles when they are not in use.
  • Don’t leave small appliances and chargers plugged in – remember if it has a light it is using electricity.
  • Make sure your heat pump, central air, or window air conditioner is clean and in good working order. Inspect, clean, or replace all filters as needed.
  • Run room air conditioners only when you need them.
  • Set your heat pump/central air thermostat to 78 in the summer.
  • Dry only complete loads, and dry several loads together so you don’t have to pay to reheat the dryer.
  • Wash clothing as much as you can in cold water.
  • Consider replacing short-lived inefficient incandescent light bulbs with long-lasting energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. Although they cost more, fluorescent bulbs last more than  10 times longer than comparable incandescent bulbs and use only a third  as much electricity.
  • Always close your fireplace damper when not in use.

For more tips check out the energy savings tools on our website at