VEC Contract Crews Inspecting Poles

Crews from Southeast Woodland are conducting power pole inspections for Volunteer Energy Cooperative. The crews, which typically consist of four to five members in pick-up trucks and sometimes on ATV four wheelers, carry VEC Contractor identification and pick-up trucks also display VEC contractor identification.

These inspections allow VEC to identify poles that may need replacement and to identify problems before they result in power outages.
About nine years ago VEC began an aggressive pole inspection program in an effort to spot deteriorating poles and older equipment. Since beginning this project VEC has replaced about 12,000 older utility poles and the cooperative is working toward a goal of inspecting 100% of our poles every 15 years.

Beginning on Tuesday, February 7, crews will be inspecting poles in the Hunt Road area of the Sugar Grove section in south Bradley County.
It is not necessary for customers to be home during the inspections and power will not be affected.