VEC Customer Charge Increase

Beginning April 1, 2024, the VEC Customer Charge will be increasing on all residential and commercial rate classes.  The following list details the updated customer charge for each account type:


  • Residential Accounts: $17.00
  • GSA 1 Accounts (small commercial): $19.00
  • GSA 2 Accounts (medium commercial): $50.00
  • GSA 3 Accounts (large commercial): $250.00


The customer charge increase will be a fixed amount, and it will not impact the rate being paid for the energy consumed by the account holder.  The customer charge covers costs associated with the delivery of power, including the routine maintenance of power lines, equipment such as transformers and electric meters, and the costs associated with billing member accounts each month.  VEC has not increased the customer charge in more than 18 years, since October of 2005.  The cooperative works to keep members’ bills as low as possible, but the impact of inflation has made this increase necessary.  Please reach out to your local service center if you have any questions or concerns.


You can also read more about VEC’s future business plans in the leadership column of the February 2024 edition of the Tennessee Magazine by clicking here.