Flexibility in Times of Crisis & Ways to Pay Your Bill

Several members have called asking about VEC’s policy as related to cutoff suspensions and late fee waivers in response to the coronavirus pandemic. VEC shows flexibility to members facing financial hardships, not only in response to the current situation but as a standard cooperative practice.

Anyone experiencing a hardship resulting from a loss of employment or a reduction in work hours should contact their local service center to discuss their individual situation. Our customer service representatives will offer solutions on a case by case basis, according to need.

We have multiple ways to pay your bill that do not require physical contact:

-Autopay (Bank Draft and Recurring Card)
Sign up on SmartHub web or SmartHub mobile app to have the VEC bill automatically paid each month. If you want additional information or want to sign up without using SmartHub call the local office for details.

-Mailed Checks
Checks and stubs can be mailed to VEC, PO Box 22222, Decatur, TN 37322 for processing. If there is no stub be sure to write the account number on the check for prompt posting.

-Phone payments – over the phone payments can be made to a Call Center Representative or the automated system. VEC can accept bank account payments, Visa, MasterCard and Discover 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

-Bank account payments through the automated system require a PIN number. Establish a PIN number with a District Office CSR or the Call Center Representative prior to using the automated system for a bank account payment.

-Office Night Drop Box – accepts payments anytime. Envelopes are available. The payments are processed during normal business hours. Be sure to include the stub with payment. If the stub is not available include the account number and/or physical address with payment.

-Office Drive Through – accepts cash and check during normal business hours.

Have your account number and choose Volunteer Energy Cooperative to make a payment at any MoneyGram location. There is a fee MoneyGram charges for processing the payment. Payments post to VEC within minutes.

Some local banks agree to accept VEC payments – accepts payment with the stub prior to the due date during the business hours of the bank. Payments are posted when the bank notifies VEC by mail.