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Residential Service Fees and Charges

Effective August 22, 2012 – View PDF

Meter activation (regular hours) $ 30.00
Meter set/reconnect (after hours) $100.00
Returned check charge $ 30.00
Collection/reconnection charge $ 30.00
Meter test charge $ 15.00
C.T. meter charge Applies only to single-phase $300.00
400-amp service when modifying
multi-single phase meter locations
Outdoor light – add pole $3.00/month Wood pole
$10.00/month Steel pole
Outdoor light – add transformer $400.00
Outdoor light – add reflector $ 50.00
Temporary service charge $200.00
Meter tampering/power diversion $400.00 Plus estimated power usage
Renewable energy activation $250.00 Minimum Based on system size
Residential Energy Customer Charge Current rates
Security deposit $250.00 Minimum