Right-of-Way Spraying Helps Reduce Outages

Volunteer Energy Cooperative’s Integrated Vegetation Management Program is scheduled to get underway in mid-June and run through September, according to Brad Rhea, VEC’s Right-of-Way Superintendent.

Rhea said herbicide spraying is necessary to help prevent extended power outages by removing incompatible species that threaten electric service and to assist with quick power restorations by improving access for service crews.

“We spray when growth is most active,” Rhea said. “We only use EPA-approved herbicides that are rated the safest and we use them in low concentrations.”

The herbicides VEC will be using are very safe and are environmentally friendly. They are non-restricted herbicides that any homeowner can purchase and apply to their property without a license. VEC does not use any form of Glyphosate (Roundup™). Copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets for each herbicide are available at VEC customer service centers.

Rhea said the technique used is selective, low volume and low concentration, backpack spraying to prevent drift. All herbicides are applied by trained applicators in accordance with the product labels as well as state and federal laws.  Customers with questions should contact Brad Rhea at 931-248-1884.

2020 Schedule for Right of Way Spraying

Crab Orchard

Chestnut Hill Rd from Crab Orchard to Oakes Rd, Crab Orchard City Limits, Renegade Mtn, Hwy 70 east toward Ozone, Grievers Chapel, Ozone Rd, Fall Creek Rd, Peavine Rd from substation towards Hebbertsburg, Hebbertsburg Rd, Orlie Young Rd, Hedgecoth Rd, Smith Mtn Rd, Hamby Rd, Brock Ln,

Fairfield Community

Snead Dr, Lakeshire Dr, Anglewood Dr, Lakeview Dr, Trafalgar Dr, Shore Ln, Lakewood Dr, Jasper Dr, Ivybrook Ln, Highgate Dr, Glenwood Dr, Norcross Dr, Oxford cir, Kingsdown Dr, Britton Ln, Meadowview Dr, Tuttle Ln, Wilshire Heights Dr, Peavine Rd, Woodlands Cir, Canterbury Dr, St George Dr, Devon Rd, Delbridge Ln, Dovenshire Dr, Fairview Rd, Crestview Loop, Brown Creek Dr, Dartmoore Dr, Drew Howard Rd, Runnymeade, Rugby Rd, Hampshire Ln, Avon Ln


Hayes St, Cleveland St, W Adams St, Justice St, Dorton Rd, Old Mail Rd, Prentice St, Storie Ave, Stanley St, Spier Way, Myrtle Ave, Fourth St, Tulip dr, Canary Dr, Palmetto Dr, Cumberland Dr, Hwy 70 East, Rockwood Ave, Ivy Ave, Braun St, Webb Ave, Stanley St, Lee June St, Neecham St, Yvonne Ave, Lawson Dr, Crossville City Limits


Clarkrange Hwy, Muddy Pond Area, Old Walton rd, Callahan Rd, E Peter Ave, Farley Ave, Hanging Limb Hwy, Anderson Rd, Buckner Rd, Lake Hill rd, Norrod Ln, Obey City Ln, Cliff Springs Muddy Pond Rd, Union B Rd, Low Gap Ln, Ridge Ln, Armstrong Ln, Coal Ln, Murphy Ln, East Fork Ln, Key Hollow Rd, Honey Springs Rd,

Wilder Grimsley Community

Wilder Rd, Robs Rd, Pioneer Rd, Colony rd, Pilgram Dr, Long Point Rd, Sandy Shortcut Rd, Sandy Rd, Savage Boles Rd, Parkstown Rd, Veterans Lookout, Panther Falls Rd, East Obey Ln, Big Piney Loop, Vines Ridge Rd, Big Laurel Rd, Cravenstown Rd, Cooktown Rd, Muddy Lane rd, Mangled Vine Trl, Lilly Ln, Bearknob Rd,


North York Hwy, Flat Rock Rd, Squirrel Flats, Panther Branch, Charlie Doss, Livingston Hwy, Old Copley Rd, Campbell Rd, Buck Hollow, Buzzard Roost, Upper Crab, Double Top, Old Stevens Rd, Riverton Rd, King Mtn Rd, New Hope Church Rd, Conaster Hollow Rd, Fairgrounds Rd, Gouldstown Rd, Flat Spur, Holden Hollow Rd, Yellow Cliff, Rotten Fork, Delk Creek, Reed Creek Rd, Shellotte Loop Rd, Wes Goodwin Rd

Ten Mile

10 Mile Valley Rd, County Rd 312, N Nopone Valley Rd, County Roads 218, 188, 193, 192, Sewee Creek Rd, Jordon Rd, Clearwater Rd, Old St Hwy 68, Butler Rd, Kyler Rd, McHone Ln,


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Rocky Mount Rd, Hwy 30 W County Roads 110, 111, 112, 113, 89, 106, 105, 99, 96, 60, 82, 52, 58, 53, 69, 61, 125, 168, 127, 121, 130, 139, 114, 126, 122, 123, 169, 128, 129, 131


Hwy 39 W, Hwy 11 S County Roads 79, 80, 76, 77, 78, 70, 94, 91, 93, 81, 50, 701, 720, 725, 715, 683, 727, 726, 700, 751, 740, 728, 739, 758, 755, 754

Spring City

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Hwy 411, Voyles Dr, Sloans Gap Rd, Kirksey Dr, Curbow Bridge Rd, Wheeler Rd, Frazier Rd, Jones Rd, Beach Springs Rd, Jot Rd, Old Federal Rd, Ed Kirksey Rd, Dunn Rd, Swan Rd, Davis Curbow Rd, Rymer Rd, Stafford Rd, Mountain Dr, Pine Dr, Old Fort Rd, Brackett Rd, Bill Miller Rd, Frey Rd, Horns Creek Rd, Massa Rd, Sand Mountain Rd, Brewer Rd, Ladd Springs Rd, Bill Howard Rd, Cook Ln, Waters Rd, Browder Rd, Samples Chapel Rd, Hoyt Browder Rd, Boanerges Church Rd, Easly Ford Rd, Liberty Church Rd, Gann Rd, Sima Branch Rd, Ball Play Rd, Kirby Ln, Ocoee Cir, Reynolds Bridge Rd, Hilldabrand Rd, Crews Dr, Bishop Rd, Rivers Edge Ln, River Heights Dr, Mt View Dr, Welcome Valley Rd, Roblyer Rd, Hwy 64, Longley Rd, Stump St, Shilos Church Rd, Adams Rd, Dixson Rd, River Bend Dr, Copeland Rd, Blackberry Ln, Porter Rd, Horns Ford Rd, Casson Rd, Hidden Hills Rd, Cookson Rd, Sugarloaf Dr, YMCA Dr, Bullens Rd, Benton Station Rd, York Rd, Theres Ln, Old Chestuee Rd, Goldston Rd, Shipman Ln, Benton Pike, Lightfoot Rd, CarsonRd


Hwy 411, Oak Grove Rd, Quarry Rd, Pope Rd, Horton Bridge Rd, George Bates Rd, Mountain View Rd, Harrison Mill Rd, Paris Branch Rd, Crystal Geyeser Dr, Timber Hills Dr