Stay Warm on the Coldest Days

We are coming upon the coldest months of the year; however, that doesn’t mean you have to stay cold, especially inside your own home.

Dressing in layers, wearing socks with slippers, and staying active are no-cost, no-tech ways to stay cozy indoors even when snow and ice are all that can be seen for miles. Below are some additional tips for staying warm.

  • Block drafts. If your windows are old or made from a single pane of glass, it’s time to upgrade. Energy-efficient glass—and windows with double panes—will go a long way toward keeping cold air from blowing into your house. They also could reduce the amount of money you spend on winter energy bills.
  • Seal leaks. Also great draft-blockers, weather stripping and caulking can plug holes around windows and doors, and wherever the inside of an outdoor wall is penetrated by a cable or phone line.
  • Make the bed. An electric blanket—one with an automatic shut-off and the seal of approval from a safety organization like UL—can keep you cozy at bedtime even when you turn the whole-house thermostat down to save energy overnight.
  • Make 2022 the year you finally switch to a programmable thermostat. That way the heat will be turned up when the home is occupied and down when the family leaves for the day or at bedtime. (Note: If you have a heat pump, purchase a programmable thermostat with adaptive recovery technology to slowly warm the house and avoid the more costly auxiliary heat.)