Tips to give your home’s energy use a vacation while you are on vacation

Going on vacation? Even if you plan to be away just a few days, you can save energy in your home when you travel. Here’s a few tips that can give your utility bill a break when you take a break.

Water heater. Turn down the temperature, so it doesn’t keep the water warm while you are away.

Thermostat. During hot weather, turn up the thermostat on your air conditioning system. That way, you’ll save energy while ensuring that your home doesn’t get too warm. If you’re away during the winter, lower the temperature on your furnace. The house can be as cool as 50 degrees without the risk of your pipes freezing.

Refrigerator. Depending on food stored in your fridge, you may be able to turn the thermostat as high as 38 degrees without risking spoilage. Storing water-filled bottles in your refrigerator can prevent temperature fluctuations, which will save energy. Food in the freezer compartment will stay frozen if the temperature remains at minus 5 degrees.

Lights. Turn off all lights in your home. You may want to install timers on one or two lights for security.

Electronics. Unless you’re recording something while away, unplug all of your electronic devices—computer, monitor and printer, TV and cable boxes, DVD player, microwave, and digital clocks. Any electronics with digital displays, instant-on features, or remote controls will consume energy even if they’re not in use.


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