VEC Annual Meeting is Postponed

Volunteer Energy Cooperative’s Annual Meeting Postponed

The first six months of 2020 have been unprecedented. Murder hornets, a Saharan dust storm reaching the United States, swarms of locust, a global COVID-19 pandemic and there are five months left. Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC) designated an essential service, maintained our reliability throughout the pandemic.

We changed the way we operated. VEC closed service center lobbies for several weeks. Our call center representatives worked staggered shifts, which allowed us to extend customer service availability safely. Employees worked from home if possible, and customer service representatives moved behind glass shields. Lobbies have reopened but have new sanitizing and distance rules.

The cases of COVID-19 continue to climb. Governor Bill Lee extended the state of emergency until August 29. We hold the Annual Meeting at Meigs Middle School on the first Saturday in October in a typical year. The state of emergency extension changes this. Group limits, distancing requirements, and safety for our members can not be achieved in the regular setting.

In an abundance of caution, the VEC Annual Meeting has been postponed. VEC will continue to monitor conditions and will update our members using social media, news outlets, and our webpage.