VEC is for Safety

With electrical line work being one of the most dangerous professions in the world, VEC is taking extra measures to ensure the safety of our employees. In February 2023, VEC linemen and field workers received a Safeguard Compass—a small, lightweight device that fastens on the brim of a hard hat to detect voltage and current. If a line worker is unknowingly near an electrical threat, the device will notify him or her audibly and visually. With seven levels of sensitivity, the device will sound and flash when voltage and/or current is detected. Adding an additional safety measure, the device also has 360° detection, meaning the flashing will point to the direction the electrical threat is coming from.

VEC’s Vice President of Operations, Jason Dye, said, “After much hard work, we are proud to have acquired the Safeguard Compass.” Dye also says he appreciates the support from VEC’s President and CEO, Dion Cooper, as well as from Superintendent of Safety and Construction, Ty Ratcliff: “It’s great to have a team who is looking out for our guys in the field. Several linemen have already reached out to express their gratitude and appreciation.”

Superintendent of Safety and Construction, Ty Ratcliff, said, “Though the device will be beneficial, its purpose is not to replace the equipment and precautions the linemen already have, but rather to add an additional layer of safety.” He says even with the new devices, he advises linemen to remain fully alert and continue to trust their “gut” intuitions.

President and CEO Dion Cooper added, “At VEC, safety is our number one goal, so we want to have the appropriate equipment to ensure our employees are as safe as possible.”

With proven to have saved at least 32 lives since the Safeguard company’s founding in 2016, the Safeguard Compass is just one of the many ways VEC strives to improve for our employees, our members, and our community.