VEC Unveils New, Mobile-Friendly Website

More and more VEC member-owners are finding that is the most convenient way to pay their bill, update account information, ask a question, or access a wealth of information about VEC’s products and services.

Not too long ago VEC could count on the vast majority of those folks access the website with a desktop or laptop computer with similarly configured monitors and keypads. But the mobile internet revolution has changed all that. Now VEC’s member-owners are finding it convenient to take care of their business while waiting to pick up their children from school, while they sit in a doctor’s waiting room, or anywhere and anytime they find themselves with a few minutes to spare. Mobile internet devices are making that possible.

But if you’ve ever tried to navigate a traditional website on your phone, you are probably well aware of the drawbacks. Small text links are often hard to use and if the links are close together, it’s easy to hit the wrong link.

VEC members will no longer face these obstacles. VEC has been working with Apogee Interactive to develop a new website capable of detecting what type of device is being used to access the site and respond with an appropriately configured website.

On November 6 VEC launched their new, mobile-friendly, user-friendly, member-friendly website at Members will find it even easier to pay their bill, update their account information, and connect with VEC no matter how they access the site.

But ease of use isn’t the only thing member-owners expect from a website. They want to be able to complete a wide variety of transactions and access the information they want 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VEC’s new website meets those needs as well.

The website contains a library of useful information on how to save money on your electric bill; how to take advantage of a wealth of products, services, and programs; electrical safety; up-to-date information on rates and fees; as well as details about your electric cooperative’s structure and operations.

VEC invites all our members to visit the new site, kick the tires, and look around. We’re confident that you’ll find it a valuable, convenient, and very easy to use.